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Proposal Submission

  • Proposed specific aims and hypotheses

  • Approach and methodology

  • Investigative team

  • Resources available to conduct study and resources requested

  • Requests/Assumptions about collaboration with DOHMH

  • Human Subjects Protection

  • Budget Request

Submitted RPIs will initially undergo an informal review process. If your idea is selected for further exploration, it will undergo a more formal vetting process. 

Researchers will be required to obtain their own funding and will be provided with consultation support and facilitation from the Center for Innovation in Mental Health at the City University of New York School of Public Health. Data transfer and data use agreements will be established prior to any data transfer. RPIs should be uploaded directly on this website or emailed to cimh@sph.cuny.edu. RPIs are reviewed on a rolling basis.

RPIs of no more than 5 pages, single spaced, should include: